The Syllabus

Discovery Exercises and Tasks

Each week, you will complete one or two Discovery Exercises and Learning Tasks, as listed below. Remember, you are in charge of your learning journey. This course is about exposure, exploration and experimentation, not about "doing it right." Your co-participants and Paideia coaches are here to support and encourage you!

Stretch Activities

Along the way, you will also encounter a few Stretch activities accompanying some of the tasks. Stretch activities are designed to enrich and extend your learning. Everyone is encouraged to try at least some of them, but they are not required. If you are already comfortable with a particular tool or concept, you should definitely complete the Stretch activity!

NOTE: Yes, you should be checking off your own Completed Tasks on the Google spreadsheet as you complete them.

Click the link to view details for each task.

NOTE: Due to the topic/content groupings, some weeks will be more challenging/time intensive than others. The average will be 1-2 hours per week. We strongly recommend keeping with the suggested timeline below. However, if you fall behind there is a catchup week mid-course, as well as a few weeks before the final deadline on August 13th.

NOTE: If you have Flash-related trouble viewing the help videos or working with any of the tools or embedded items, make sure you are using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer or Safari. The problem is between Flash and IE7 or Safari, not the videos or this wiki site.

Registration - Learn about the course, get yourself a Google Account and get Firefox (this must be done BEFORE the start of class!)
  • Week 1 - Introduction
    • Task 1 - Learn a bit about Web 2.0, and Why it Matters

  • Week 2 - Blogging
    • Task 2 - Set up your blog at Blogger and write your first posts.
    • Task 3 - Explore some uses of blogs in education.

  • Week 3 - RSS and Aggregators
    • Task 4 - Learn about RSS and set up Google Reader
    • Task 5- Feed your reader

  • Week 4 Catch-up Week

  • Week 5 - Cool Tools I
    • Task 6 - Explore one or more tools of choice.

  • Week 6- Wikis
    • Task 7 - What is a wiki? Explore educational uses for Wikis.
    • Task 8 - Set up your own page on the Pi 2.0 participant sandbox wiki.

  • Week 7 - Social Bookmarking & Tagging
    • Task 9 - Intro to Social Bookmarking; Set up a account. Begin adding and tagging resources.

  • Week 8 - Cool Tools II
    • Task 10 - Explore more web 2.0 tools and find your own cool tool.

  • Week 9 - Use Your Tools
    • Task 11 - Implement one of the tools you learned about during the last 8 weeks in your classroom.

  • Week 10 - Connect and Reflect
    • Task 12 - Share what you have learned.
    • Final Exam - Blog about your experiences and next steps.

NOTE: You must be finished with all tasks by no later than August 13th, 2010.