Task 11: Use Your Tools


Over the past few weeks, you have explored dozens of new tools. Some you might love, some you might hate, some you can use in your personal life, some you can use in your professional life. Now is the time to choose the one that you think would work perfectly with something you are doing in the classroom.

Discovery Exercise

Watch the video below and think about why you went into teaching (hopefully, none of these apply to you!)...

Now watch this video and think about what students want from their teachers...


Think about what you are teaching in the classroom right now, or will be teaching in the near future. Would one of the tools you have explored over the last few weeks help you teach this topic more efficiently, more in-depth, or more globally? Remember that these tools are not designed to simply replace pen and paper. Rather, they should allow you to take your teaching to a new level.

Pick a web 2.0 tool to use with your students or colleagues. Once you have used the tool, write about the experience on your blog. What did you do? What worked? What would you change next time? Don't forget to label this post "Task 11."

Note: If you are taking this course during the summer, you can write about what you PLAN to do with your class.